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PlayLimit TV & Video Game Timer

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Cheap PlayLimit TV & Video Game Timer ,

The PlayLimit is a simple token-based solution for setting limits on the amount of time your kids spend playing video games and watching TV.

No More "Turn OFF That TV!" Arguments

How can PlayLimit help? Simple. By giving kids tokens for a specific time period, parents set a definite limit on how much TV their kids can watch. What's more, the tokens empower kids to manage their own time, so parents no longer have to be the "time's up!" police.

Once children understand their TV limits, parents can encourage other activities such as reading, drawing, and sports to fill the void.

Input: (1) Coaxl Cable and (1) RCA (red, white and yellow) Cable
Output: (1) Coaxl Cable and (1) RCA (red, white and yellow) Cable

Simple Token-activated Operation
The PlayLimit system includes 40 tokens - each token allows 15 minutes of game playing or TV viewing.

Ability to Control Video Games and TV Viewing
The PlayLimit system includes the necessary cables to connect to a game console and a VCR, DVD player, or cable television source. See the manual for a more detailed connection description.

On-screen Display and Audible Warnings for Time Expiration
The large time display on the PlayLimit console warns you when play time is running out so you can save your game or add more tokens. A countdown timer also appears on the TV screen, the TV beeps at intervals.

Pause Button Allows Breaks Without Losing Time
You can press the Pause button at any time so you can leave your game without being penalized.

Secure Case with Key Access for Parents
Parents have the key to the token box where they can retrieve tokens. The token box also is where the back panel of the PlayLimit console is secured, preventing cables from being removed.

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #10558 in Video Games
  • Color: Dark Gray
  • Brand: PlayLimit
  • Model: PL1


  • TV Timer that helps control the TV or Video Game time.
  • Teach Your Children How to Budget Their Time
  • Controls the video signal. Child must have a token to allow TV or Video Game time.
  • Great for controlling multiple TVs or Video Game Consoles. Controls the signal on coaxial and RCA cables.
  • Parental switch override. Please Note: This timer doesn't have HDMI connections. See the input and output in the description.

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Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful.
5What a God send!
By Kindle Customer
This gadget is really my savior. I have been looking for a device to replace the countless toys I buy to give my child incentives to do his homework or clean up after himself and even behave like a good boy he can be. This is worth it's weight in gold. It is easy to use and each token is worth 15 minutes allowing your child to earn more coins by doing the things I would like him to do rather then he would like which is nothing productive. I wish I found this sooner but am so glad I did now.

0 of 0 people found the following review helpful.
4Obviously a cheap device, but does what it says and works well!
By Kristine A
I bought this device - there are a lot on the market, but this one being only 15 dollars, and me wanting to try this method without too much investment looked like a good deal.

When I got the device, it looked like it might've been used before, possibly refurbished, the box appeared to be open and they was a nick in the back like someone tried to take a screwdriver to the back panel. The inside "lock" and "unlock" switch was stuck, but was easily moved back in forth with a screwdriver and elbow grease. Not exactly pro design, but again, it's 15 bucks.

My biggest gripe is the coax inputs, they're in a horizontal configuration, right next to each other, which makes it hard to screw the connectors, we ended up using a wrench. Then the signal was terrible, it was dropping the cable signal, or causing fuzzing or signal disturbance. We unplugged the component connection next to it, and it clear a bit but still kept dropping. So then we replaced the coax cable that came with the device with a coax cable we had, and voila worked perfectly - no more dropping signals. So the Coax cables that come with the box are pretty terrible, spend 5 bucks and buy a decent one.

Also we're were able to get this to work with the HDMI connection to our cable box. We left the cable HDMI input plugged into the TV and just intercepted the coax connection to the cable box. When time runs out, it just cuts the cable signal. This does prevent the "paused" and "time running out" little screen displays, but that's not a huge loss.

Overall, the device is working well. We instituted a outside play activities, reading books, and doing educational games to earn the tokens, and so far it is working like a charm! It also helps the child see their TV usage and they start to self regulate because they don't want to "use up" all their hard earned TV time. A great way to get your kid a more healthy relationship with media that doesn't need you constantly harping on them about it :)

7 of 7 people found the following review helpful.
5The PlayLimit is a Miracle Worker
By jcall
The PlayLimit worked miracles for us.

Before PlayLimit, my 3-year-old would
1) play video games all day if we let him
2) throw a fit any time we made him turn the games off
3) say "I want to play video games" first thing every morning.

With PlayLimit, we give him video-game tokens when he completes jobs. Now, he
1) still loves playing video games, but gets by without them just fine
2) smiles, happily says "Out of time" when the PlayLimit's "Out of time" message appears, and runs off to do something else
3) often says "I want to do a job" instead of "I want to play video games".

The only problem I've found is sometimes the tokens don't fall in properly, stopping somewhere just beyond the coin slot. My kids have learned to gently shake or tip the PlayLimit when needed to free up the token. No big deal.

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