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Coleman Camping Coffeemaker

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Enjoy the campsite sunrise the right way—with a cup of fresh coffee from the Coleman Camping Coffeemaker. The steel base fits over most camp stove burners. Just pour enough water for up to 10 cups of coffee into the easy-fill reservoir. Once it starts to boil, the water will move through the filter and brew itself into the glass decanter. For campers who just can't wait for the entire pot to brew before pouring that first cup, the Pause ‘N Serve feature lets you do just that without the mess.

Product Details

  • Size: Black
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Coleman
  • Model: 2000015167
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 15.70" h x 12.10" w x 10.10" l, 6.61 pounds


  • Made of the highest quality materials
  • Camping cooking supplies cookware
  • Another quality Coleman product

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Customer Reviews

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5Ideal for Dry Camping in a Recreational Vehicle (RV)
By Lewis A Edge Jr
For those who're unfamiliar with the terminology, "dry camping" is done with an RV utilizing ONLY the resources within the vehicle; without external connections, such as water, electric or sewer.

After reading the heartfelt but negative reviews on Amazon about this coffee maker, I was hesitant to buy it. Fortunately my experience using this coffee maker has been positive. My wife is an early-riser and wants her coffee right away. Usually by 6 a.m. we have the coffee maker brewing in our motorhome. As long as we're at a campsite where there is an electric hook-up our Mr. Coffee, which cost less than half as much as I paid for this one, performs admirably. However, at many of our national parks, national seashores and at many big RV rallies, there are no electric hook-ups or the hook-ups are outrageously expensive. Not only does it seem to be a waste to run our 5.5KW motorhome generator to brew coffee, many of the campgrounds prohibit running generators before 7 or 8 am. Brewing coffee, using an inverter, quickly drains our coach batteries.

I thought, what the heck, I'll buy this coffee maker and give it a try based upon the mostly positive reviews. Before I actually brewed coffee, I washed the pot and basket and gave this coffee maker a test run on our three-burner propane gas range using plain water. The front burner is the fastest, so that's the burner I used. I centered this coffee maker over the burner and turned the burner to its highest setting. This coffee maker took fifteen minutes to pump all of the water out of the tank and into the carafe. If it had failed to perform, I was prepared to return it to Amazon for a refund.

Since then, while dry camping, I've brewed more than a dozen delicious pots of coffee on my RV's gas range. All have been as tasty as the brews that I make with our Mr. Coffee when we have electric power. Both coffee makers allow us to remove the carafe while it is brewing without spillage. Our twelve-cup Mr. Coffee takes about ten minutes to make ten cups of coffee. This coffee maker takes about fifteen minutes to brew ten cups of coffee, which is its rated capacity. Instructions with this Coleman coffee maker say to immediately turn off the heat when the brewing is complete, which is what I do. This coffee maker won't keep a carafe of coffee warm for a long time, but we usually drink what we brew right away.

At this point I have no complaints aside from the fact that this specialized coffee maker cost me more than twice as much as its electric equivalent. However, I have already saved much more than it's premium price by avoiding electric hook-up charges at RV rallies. Even more important, my wife is happy to get her first cup of coffee right away without having to wait until "quiet time" is over, so we can start our generator. Whenever I'm at a campground with electric hook-ups, I'll still use my Mr. Coffee because it doesn't consume our expensive propane and is slightly faster. But for all other situations, this coffee maker makes a tasty brew without requiring electric power and it uses the same paper filters. I have uploaded a photo that shows this coffee maker in action; brewing on our propane gas range. Amazon moved the photo to an obscure location on the page, but it's still there.

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5Fresh brewed, drip coffee in my RV, even when I'm out in the sticks!
By S. Osburn
This is the second one of these I've bought - really like them. Fresh, drip coffee in the RV even when I'm out in the sticks and no shore power. The last one I had started to get rusty at the bottom, but it worked fine until we had the carafe handle pointed the wrong way and melted it. Was looking for a new carafe, but the cost of a whole new unit was only $10 more, so bought that instead. I will keep my eye open for a carafe at Goodwill so I can have the second unit as a spare.

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5Colman Coffemaker
Love it! Makes an excellent pot of coffee. Perfect for camping (dry or hooked up), use on the inside-trailer propane stove or outside on the Coleman gladiator or grill. The single & minor criticism is that there's no way to keep the pot warm, once the brew is ready the whole coffeemaker comes off the stove. For a keep-the-rest-of-the-pot-hot feature you have to sump it into a metal percolator over a very low flame.

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