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Blue Sky Gear Cutting Board, White

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Product Descriptions

Cheap Blue Sky Gear Cutting Board, White ,

The Blue Sky Gear Cutting Board is a BPA free, compact, textured, cutting board specially designed with a handle for easy carrying . The Blue Sky Cutting board is perfect for your next campsite, picnic or barbecue.

Product Details

  • Color: White
  • Brand: UST
  • Model: 32-02054-10
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 7.40" h x .13" w x 11.20" l, .52 pounds


  • Perfect cutting board for campsites, picnics, and barbecues
  • Lightweight, weighs only 8.2 oz.
  • Sturdy material that is BPA free
  • Textured for ease of cutting
  • Wide handle makes this cutting board easy to carry

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Customer Reviews

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5A good size for modest needs; thin and lightweight, but stiff; non-absorbant
By K. M. Krieger
- Although some of the old reviews claimed "not as described" or "cheaply made", the item *I* received was exactly as described, and is just fine - no sharp edges, even, just a hair over 1/8" thick, and slightly textured. Mine was shrink-wrapped, so it was clean when I opened it.
- I actually did not buy this to even be a cutting board - I needed a zero-clearance surface for my scroll saw of all things, LOL! So I wanted something that was relatively thin (to not "eat up" as much of the scroll saw's clearance) and fairly stiff, and also fairly smooth yet also not overly slippery. This is exactly as the vendor described and therefore, exactly what I needed.
- Given that prices for things do go up and down, this seems to have gone down so I'm now considering getting another one to actually use as a cutting board, because it *is* small and light, but still large enough to deal with my modest cutting needs.
- If you need something to set a 26 pound turkey onto, no, of course this won't do, LOL! But if you want to dice an onion, slice a couple tomatoes, or sliver some garlic cloves, this is a perfect size.

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5Simple but does the job right
By Jerrod
This cutting board is plastic material just like our other 'normal' cutting boards just thinner (i.e. i don't feel that the knife cuts it up any more or less than our other plastic cutting boards). We got this for smaller cutting jobs such as a few vegetables, an apple, etc that can easily fit into the dishwasher. It is thick enough and stiff enough that it holds itself up with an apple on it. It doesn't wobble around like some of the thin flexible cutting mats that can dump vegetables if you try to pick it up, but I definitely wouldn't expect it to hold a chicken... because a chicken would be too big to fit on this board. I have since purchased an additional board to put into the RV as well.

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2Small and inexpensively made
By Heather LaRee
Learning the hard way with small cutting boards...a length stated at 11" doesn't mean "cutting space". It means - end-to-end, including the handle. The flat space is closer to 9".

This is an extremely thin (but rigid) cutting board that feels cheaper than its low $3.99 "add on" price. Some of the edges were not even and had sharp protrusions.

A funny note about how words "Blue Sky", with a blue label, and product photography appears pale blue...the board is WHITE (as the title also states). My eye (looking at its photo as I type) still appears a pretty pale blue. Just an FYI

I give it two stars because - it is a small flat rigid cutting board that would serve the intended function (to cut an apple, some hard cheese). Amazon/free shipping (with the qualifying $25) is always appreciated - but I'm not impressed with this product.

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